The President - Utility Man

We place a HUGE amount of responsibility and weight on the shoulders of the President of the United States. However, is this fair? Is it right? What I means is that the president heads a remarkably large branch of government with dozens of agencies, thousands of employees, and a far larger portion of the federal budget than we'd like to know. What is the executive anyway...? Materials will be focused on the following objectives:
  • Describe the structure and functions of the Executive Branch, as well as the historic development of the office of the president.

Introduction Activity

Complete this preliminary and introductory assignment before beginning: "Executive Branch Video"

Self-Assessments/Online Quizzes

Complete the Pre-Test Study Guide -- goo.gl/uHIgox

Required Assignments

  1. The President's Job Description (Click here for PDF)
  2. Presidential Succession and the Vice Presidency (Click here for PDF)
  3. The Growth of Presidential Power (Click here for PDF)
  4. The President's Executive Powers (Click here for PDF)
  5. Diplomatic and Military Powers (Click here for PDF)
  6. Legislative and Judicial Powers (Click here for PDF)
  7. The Federal Bureaucracy (Click here for PDF)

Video Assignments

  1. Mandate: The President and the People
  2. Building a Three Part Government