For use with Chapter 13 Section 1 (pgs. 354-358) of the student textbook.
The President's Roles
In your own words, what does it mean for the president to be (define the following):
chief of state

chief executive

chief administrator

chief diplomat

commander in chief

chief legislator

chief of party

chief citizen

Formal Qualifications
What are the three formal qualifications a candidate must meet?

What do you think the textbook means when it says that these are not very difficult meet?

The President's Term
How did it come to be that presidents only serve two terms (both historically and then Constitutionally)?

What is the maximum number of years that a president can serve? Why do you think that is?

Pay and Benefits
What is the president's current salary?

What are a few of the great many benefits that accompany the office of the presidency?

Do you think the President is fairly compensated? Why or why not?