For use with Chapter 14 Section 1 (pgs. 390-392) of the student textbook.
Article II
Why is there so much debate over the power of the president?

Why Presidential Power Has Grown
The textbook, in this section, gives several reasons why presidential power has grown. Describe three, ranking them in the order you think is the most compelling.

Yet the president's power is limited. How does the Constitution keep the president from becoming "all-powerful"?

The Presidential View
What are the two contrasting views of the presidency and its powers?

Recent strong presidents have been called "imperial presidents". What does this term mean and how is it problematic?

On page 392 are two quotations from Presidents T. Roosevelt and Taft. Compare and contrast the quotations from Presidents Roosevelt and Taft on this page. (a) Whose view do you favor? Why? (b) Which view do you think most modern-day Presidents have favored? Explain.