View the video and answer the corresponding questions that follow.
1. The Executive Office of the President and the Vice Presidency

1-A. How has the Executive Office of the President (EOP) changed? Why is this?

1-B. What are some critical positions within the EOP?

1-C. How would you describe the position of Vice President?

2. EOP Agencies

2-A. What is the OMB? How does it give the President some power over Congress?

2-B. When was the National Security Council formed? Who is on this council?

3. The Presidential Cabinet - An Overview

3-A. How are Cabinet positions and departments described?

3-B. What were the three original Cabinet positions?

3-C. What are the "top four" Cabinet positions?

4. Cabinet Departments

4-A. Which department head is the highest ranking Cabinet position? Why do you think this is so?

4-B. What is the head of the Department of Justice called? What are some of the agencies that exist under the Department of Justice?

4-C. Under which department do the National Parks fall under?

4-D. What is the newest Cabinet department?

5. EOP Agencies and Commissions

5-A. Why are there so many different agencies and commissions?

5-B. What are some of these agencies and commissions?