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Unit 1: Foundations of Government
Lesson 1: Why Government?
Why Government? Activity

Lesson 2: The Sovereign State
1. Create A State
2. 1-1 "Government and the State" Reading Assignment - Assessment on page 10.
The Sovereign State Powerpoint

Lesson 3: Who Rules?
1. Who Rules? Worksheet
2. 1-2 "Forms of Government" Reading Assignment
Who Rules? Powerpoint

Lesson 4: Limiting Government
Limiting Government Worksheet (3pgs)

Lesson 5: Rule of Law
Rule of Law Review Worksheet
2. 1-3 "Basic Concepts of Democracy" Reading Assignment

Unit Review
Unit 1 Vocabulary
Unit 1 Review Jeopardy

Unit 1 Assessment
Unit 2: The Constitution
Lesson 1: Hey King: Get Off Our Backs!
1. Get Off Our Backs Review Worksheet
2. Extension Activity
3. 2-2 "The Coming of Independence" Reading Assignment

Lesson 2: Wanted: A Just Right Government
1. A Just Right Government Crossword Review
2. 2-3 "The Critical Period" Reading Assignment
3. 2-4 "Creating the Constitution"

Lesson 3: Colonial Influences
2. 2-1 "Our Political Beginnings" Reading Assignment

Lesson 4: Anatomy of the Constitution
1. Anatomy of the Constitution Worksheet

Lesson 5: You've Got Rights