Warm-Up for 10/29/14

States’ rights makes a comeback in NC?

Video comes from May 28, 2014: A group of Republican lawmakers in North Carolina have called for a convention of states to amend the Constitution, worried about “abuses of power by the federal government.” Rev. Al Sharpton digs deep into what is driving this push.

Use the video at mrbrucesgovernment.wikispaces.com/10.29.14-Warm-Up and choose any two of the following questions to respond to:
  1. What (not just who is in it) is the source of this video? Why does that matter?
  2. What are some states (such as North Carolina) calling for with resolutions and legislation?
  3. Who is behind the push toward States' Rights? What is their motivation, according to those in the video?
  4. What is the threat that is posed by States' Rights, according to those in this video?