Warm-Up for 10/20/14

Federalism and Immigration
Representative Luis Gutierrez states his objections to one of the provisions upheld in the the Supreme Court ruling of Arizona v US. The other three provisions of the law were ruled unconstitutional.

Use the video above or at www.c-span.org/video/?c3603298/clip-morning-hour and choose any two of the following questions to respond to:
  1. Is the regulation of immigration an enumerated power in the Constitution? If so, to whom is it given?
  2. Is an enumerated power necessarily an exclusive power?
  3. List the celebrities described by Representative Gutierrez and describe their citizenship status as precisely as possible.
  4. What is SB1070?
  5. Describe the Supreme Court ruling on SB 1070?
  6. Does Representative Gutierrez agree or disagree with the Supreme Court ruling?
  7. What is your opinion on this issue?
  8. Do you believe citizenship is currently a controversial issue in the United States? Why or why not?