Warm-Up for 10/14/14

The Constitution and the Presidency
Former Reagan Administration Attorney General Edwin Meese on the U.S. Constitution, the 3 branches of government, and the powers defining the role of the Executive Branch. (3 mins)

Use the video at www.c-span.org/video/?c4466348/constitution-presidency and choose any two of the following questions to respond to:
  1. List each branch of government and the corresponding Articles of the U.S. Constitution that define their responsibilities. What are the Enumerated Powers? Which branch of government do they relate to?
  2. Which branch of government did Alexander Hamilton suggest was the weakest? Why?
  3. Why does Mr. Meese suggest that Article II was the most vague in its definition?
  4. Describe the difficulties, as outlined by Mr. Meese, that George Washington had in distinguishing his role as the first U.S. president. Why was it important for him to establish a clear difference between his role as president from that of the British monarchy?