Monday 1.21

No School -- Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Tuesday 1.22

Revisited the Classroom Expectations as defined in the Syllabus

We used the One Big Party Reading to learn about the basics of Political Parties and their role in government and creating policy.

Wednesday 1.23

We completed an activity probing the strengths and weaknesses of one-, two-, and multi-party systems. Then for the remainder of the period, we worked to complete the One Big Party Worksheet (below).

There is a homework reading assignment due Thursday. The assignment was handed out but can be found here in Google Drive: Political Parties Reading Assignment 1.

Thursday 1.24

We are going to begin this hour with a quick quiz over the readings from the last night.

We will continue with an activity looking at the political spectrum and where political parties fall on it based on ideology and platform. For this you'll need the Spectrum Handout below and the Prezi embedded below. When finished with the activity, complete the "One Big Party Activity Packet"

Friday 1.25

To be determined...